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Since the 1950s the Swedish Radio Choir has been one of the world’s finest a cappella ensembles. It is also unique in its mastery of the entire choral repertoire in all its breadth and depth, from Bach and Palestrina, through the Romantics like Schumann and Brahms, to Strauss, Ligeti and other contemporary composers.   The choir was founded in 1925, but it was only in 1952 that the newly appointed Musical Director Eric Ericson set about moulding it into the flexible choral instrument that it still remains today. Ericson made the choir into an instrument capable of performing advanced choral repertoire that had been gathering dust until then — works by such composers as Richard Strauss and Max Reger as well as music of own day. Arthur Honegger came to Sweden and heard his own choral music sung for the first time the way he had imagined it. On returning home he began spreading the word about this choir that could sing practically anything.   The Eric Ericson sound became a legend. Many composers found in the Swedish Radio Choir the instrument they needed to give vent to their music. The circle around Ericson and his choir numbered composers such as Ingvar Lidholm, Sven-Erik Bäck and Lars Edlund, and they were soon joined by György Ligeti and Krzysztof Penderecki. The works they wrote specifically for Ericson’s choir count among the classics of the choral repertoire both in Sweden and internationally.   Eric Ericson finally resigned as Musical Director after more than thirty years’ service, but he has been welcomed back many times as guest conductor and was appointed Conductor Emeritus in March 2007. Each new Music Director since Ericson has impressed his individual stamp on the choir and brought it new colours and skills. Anders Öhrwall shared his specialist understanding of the music of the Baroque. Gustaf Sjökvist premièred works by Sven-David Sandström, Tomas Jennefelt and Hans Gefors. Tõnu Kaljuste brought new repertoire from Eastern Europe including such composers as Arvo Pärt and Alfred Schnittke, while Stefan Parkman presented a series comprising all of Bach’s major works. Today the choir is led by musical director Peter Dijkstra, winner of Eric Ericson Award a.o.t.   Ever since its first sensational tours to Berlin, Venice and elsewhere in the 1960s, the Swedish Radio Choir has carried on a rich and varied programme of international activities. It is regularly invited to participate in international festivals and concerts. Its work with Riccardo Muti and Claudio Abbado in the 1980s resulted in a series of acclaimed concerts and recordings. In 2008 the choir was touring in Italy and Netherlands and Nordic Countries, took part in a festival in Rotterdam and The Hague, joined forces with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra and Valerij Gergiev and other important ensembles and conductors. This years programme will include tours in Italy, Belgium and Germany with maestro Claudio Abbado and the Mahler Chamber Orchestra among others.   The choir is well represented on CD with performances of both a cappella and symphonic works. The Swedish Radio Choir’s vision is to deploy its exceptional sonic range to place its own special imprint on the a cappella and the symphonic choral repertoires. It is an ensemble in which each individual voice finds its place in a unified artistic expression.    In September 2007 the Dutch conductor Peter Dijkstra was appointed Music Director for the Swedish Radio Choir.


Nordic Sounds

Poulenc: Figure humaine

THE SWEDISH RADIO CHOIR: Sandström - Hear My Prayer, O Lord

Swedish Radio Choir - promo


The Swedish Radio Choir
21 January, 2012

Peter Dijkstra conductor
Mahler: Ich bin der welt abhanden gekommen
Brahms: Verlorene jugend

photo/editing/production  Bilbo Lantto

The Swedish Radio Choir, consisting of 32 professional singers, make up a versatile instrument spanning from frail a cappella to powerful oratorio
In addition to a cappella performances and concerts with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Swedish Radio Choir also collaborates with conductors such as Riccardo Muti, Claudio Abbado, Valery Gergiev and Daniel Harding
The Swedish Radio Choir is one of the world's most prominent and respected a cappella ensembles, and is regularly on tour around the world
The Swedish Radio Choir was founded in 1925, but its glory days began in 1952 under the direction of principal conductor Eric Ericson Since the autumn of 2007, principal conductor Peter Dijkstra has propelled the choir to even higher levels


Opening Ghent Flanders Festival september 2012

Impression of the opening of the Ghent Flanders Festival in the cathedral in Ghent

Swedish Radio Choir & Baroque Orchestra B'Rock conducted by Peter Dijkstra

Händel Coronation Anthems,

Vivaldi Gloria and

a capella works by Sven-David Sandström

The grand opening of Ghent Flanders Festival at the cathedral: soloists Maarten Engeltjes and Karina Gauvin, the conductor Peter Dijkstra as well as Baroque Orchestra B'Rock and the Swedish Radio Choir. This unique project presents beautiful choir pieces from the baroque period as well as compositions by Sandstrôm.

Wit with this wantonness / Ned Rorem

THE SWEDISH RADIO CHOIR: Fallandet / Thomas Jennefelt


The Swedish Radio Choir Joins a very few professional ensembles... in being fully equal to the challenges of tuning and dynamic flexibility....

Ribbons of joy fly brightly through the Gloria and Sanctus of the Mass; the two Apollinaire poems bookending the Sept chansons dance with Janequin-like glee. Peter Dijkstra keeps the music moving and flowing....; the bitter scherzo of 'Riant du ciel' is pointed with astonishing brilliance.
Gramophone Magazine, Poulenc: Figure humaine,

The Swedish Radio Choir

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The Swedish Radio Choir

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